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Welcome to my "Meet the Maker" Blog Series!

I'm so excited to share this space with you guys.  Here, I will feature some of my favorite handmade jewelry artists, near and far. But first, let me explain how this idea came about...

As many of you know, I've been on the vendor scene for almost 10 years now.  It all started with my hula hoop biz, Hoola Monsters, and Good Vibe Designs eventually followed.  

Everything I sell is handmade, and I've vended countless events over the years. Most frequently, you can find me at the Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg, FL.  I also do lots of music festivals, and many of my creations are inspired by the festival scene.  As a vendor, I've been exposed to a boat load of incredible artists and makers. I'm also very fortunate to live in a community where people make it a point to shop local and handmade (BIG LOVE to Keep St. Pete Local for working so hard to instill this mindset).  There's so much talent in our local community. SO MUCH. Separately, there's an entire world of inspiration on social media. And as a writer and self proclaimed jewelry junkie (I literally design my outfits around my jewelry selection for the day and only wear handmade), I felt compelled to share.

After all - what better way to spread good vibes than to showcase my fellow makers? So, here we are.... 

"Meet the Maker" will feature amazing jewelry artists who I've personally connected with via the vendor community, as well as those who I've cyber stalked and purchased from on Instagram ;)  I sat down to create a list of upcoming features, and in less than five minutes, I had already jotted down 25+ artists.  I guarantee this list will organically grow as time goes on, also.  From time to time, I might also feature a non-jewelry maker because there are some badass boss babes who I just can't leave out.

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I've got the first feature in the works already, and this designer is one of my long-time faves. Stay tuned!

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