Meet the Maker: Mark Noll Designs

My first "Meet the Maker" feature is a no brainer.  He's the creator of my FAVORITE earrings, and he's also a fellow vendor friend from the Saturday Morning Market.  A charismatic artist with a wide array of talents, this guy also knows how to put a smile on peoples' faces with his positive, friendly attitude. I can always count on him to bring great music, while vendors are setting up and preparing for a busy day at market.. (Two weeks ago, we were rockin' out to disco thanks to him, and I think that's a pretty perfect way to start the day). So, without further ado, meet Mark Noll.

Mark specializes in up cycled and recycled jewelry made from corian countertops and wood. And when I say he's the creator of my favorite earrings, I mean it.  My black Seed of Life earrings are my everyday, go-to, can't live without them earrings.  I love that they're lightweight; the size is perfect; the price was right; and they go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. I love them so much that I purchased a backup earring and a backup PAIR, just in case I lose one (or both).  I'm that obsessed.

I first met Mark back in 2008, and this is what's happened since that fateful day...  

That's right my friends.  I have almost 20 pairs of Mark Noll earrings in my personal collection (the above photo is just a snapshot of some of them).  To say I'm addicted would be an understatement. Now, if only I had more ears... 🤔

Mark was also kind enough to design hula hooping mermaids and hula hooping unicorns for me to carry via Hoola Monsters (my hoop dance company).  

And when Prince passed away, Mark even gifted me a special Prince tribute pair of earrings...

In addition to jewelry, Mark specializes in wooden carvings, skull violins and carved coins too!

Mark Noll Designs is an environmentally conscious brand and everything is made from upcycled and recycled materials.  The majority is post-production waste from countertop installations. The material is cut thin to ensure the earrings are lightweight.  All of the earrings come with surgical stainless steel ear wires. Learn more at and come see us at the Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg, FL.  

Here's how to connect on Social Media and ETSY:
Facebook: Mark Noll Designs 
Instagram: @artistinfla 
Etsy: Shop Mark Noll Designs







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