Two Businesses and a Wedding, Oh MY!

Well, friends! It's been an exciting time in my world.  I MARRIED MY BEST FRIEND!  That's right, I'm officially "Abby Lee" now, and the wedding was everything we dreamed of... and so much more!  I just got the photos back from our photographer, too, and I haven't even posted them on social media yet, but I'll give you all a sneak peek at the end of this blog ;)  I also made my own decor, spending more than a year working on all of the dreamcatchers and chandeliers. Watching it all come together was such an amazing experience.  My only complaint is that the day went by too fast! Thank goodness we had an amazing photographer to help us re-live every magical moment (I highly recommend Anna from Light of the Moon Photography).

Planning my wedding, while running two businesses and having a Fiancé who lives & works in another country most of the year (he's Captain and co-owner of Soulshine Charters)... let's just say I had a full plate ;).  And this is part of the reason why my online shop has been a little... shall we say stagnant?  That's all about to change, though!  As a matter of fact, I've just added more than 30 new pieces to the shop, and this summer, I'll be continuously updating the online store with lots of new goodies.  My goal is to do two shop updates per month.  I'm also open for custom orders AND I'll be adding new collections in the coming month, too! 

With that said, I also wanted to offer you all and exclusive, limited time discount code since things have been so quiet around here.  From now until the end of May, enter code: "Good Vibes" at checkout to take 20% your entire order!  

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