Champagne Sparkles

Champagne Sparkles

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Pass the bubbly! Champagne Sparkles is the ideal mani for brunch with your besties.

Good Vibe Nail Polish Strips are the perfect DIY, at-home manicure. They’re long lasting (wear up to 14 days!), easy to apply, and won’t damage your nails like gel, shellac or acrylic.

With this purchase, you’ll receive a total of 16 strips, a nail prep pad, and a mini file - everything you need to rock your perfect mani. Multiple strip sizes ensure a perfect fit.


*Do your manicure before bed, to give your nails a chance to fully cure overnight. Do not wet hands for at least 2 hours after applying.*

1. Make sure hands are clean and thoroughly dried. Antibacterial soap is recommended.
2. Push back your cuticles and wipe down each nail with the included alcohol wipe. 
3. Remove the nail polish strips from the foil package.
4. Choose the right size nail strip for each nail.
5. Remove the clear plastic cover on top of the nail strip.
6. Peel the nail strip from the paper backing.
7. Stick the strip on your nail, laying down side closest to the cuticle first.
8. Press the nail strip firmly into place. Be sure to smooth out any bubbles.
9. File off the excess in a downward motion.
10. Apply a top coat, preferably NOT a quick-dry as it may cause the nail polish strips to shrink. We recommend applying another clear coat mid-way through your mani to increase wear time. 


Soak your fingers in warm water for 3-5 minutes, then gently peel the nail wraps from the corner of your nail beds towards the tip of your fingernails. After the nail wraps have been removed, wash your hands with soap and water. Now, you’re ready for your next set!


We ship orders via USPS First Class Mail. To reduce waste, we will send one instruction insert per order. If you are going to be giving the nail wraps as gifts and would like an instruction insert for every set of nail wraps, please mark your order as a gift at checkout!


Good Vibe Nail Strips are non-toxic and free from animal products. They are also 10-free, meaning they don’t contain dibutyl phthalate, hydroperoxide, triphenyl phosphate, toluene, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens or tert-butyl.